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  11th Annual Christmas DASH 4 EON
Youth Group
Charity Fundraising Event


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Dec 2011 News Article
Tucson, Arizona


2011 Tucson GAY Museum Dash 4 EON Youth Group Christmas Fundraiser Copyrighted Photo

EON Youth Group of Tucson's larder is now stocked
 to overflowing with loads of vitally important supplies
for its varied programs, thanks to the folks at the
Tucson Gay Museum

The Tucson Gay Museum's "Random Act Of Kindness,"
it's 11th Annual Christmas
Charity Fundraising Event
was fast paced fun and exciting for all the holiday inspired
participants in December at the Dollar Tree store
located at 601 East Grant Road in Tucson, Arizona.

There the Tucson Gay Museum folks,
right at the crack of the rising dawn sun,
prepped four EON Youth Group
staff and group members with brightly
colored Santa Claus hats, Elf hats, and jingle bells
 on those hats and on their shoes
 (all the better to hear them with
during their wild 30-minute
charity dash through the store).

With the shout of "Ready, Set, Go,"
four EON Youth Group Dashers set off excitedly
to stuff each of their shopping carts
full then quickly to overflowing.
2011 Tucson Gay Museum Dash 4 EON Youth Group Christmas Fundraiser Copyrighted Photo

EON Youth Program staff and youth grabbed literally
hundreds of items for their youth program.

In the cashiers line at the end,
the joyous dashers checked out with food,
clothing, medicine, personal hygiene, office supplies,
bathroom items, holiday decorations and lots more.

All the Dasher's filled up their carts entirely
with what amounted to a very wide range
of very needed items for the EON Youth Program.

The need is so great,
and EON is so ever grateful.

The Tucson LGBTQ Community sends
a big heartfelt thank you
to the people at
Tucson Gay Museum
and the Dollar Tree store
along with everyone else who helped
to make the season so much brighter.

Photos copyrighted by:  Tucson Gay Museum®©


Above: Tucson Gay Museum representative Dr. Alvin Lewis (wearing tie on right), EON Youth Program staff and youth show off their carts overflowing with supplies. They are, from left to right: Eon Participant Natalie, Eon therapist Joe Nutini, Zami one of the Youth Programs Coordinators, Eon Youth Participant David, and Dr. Alvin Lewis.